Real Equality, Beyond ‘Us’ vs ‘Them’

Breaking Trail
Breaking Trail
Real Equality, Beyond ‘Us’ vs ‘Them’

Society has become so radicalized, racially oriented, ‘us’ versus ‘them’. We are in dire need of absolute truth, an absolute platform to stand on, that can lead us in a direction of unity and true respect. The truth is that we all have different roles to fill in this world. We all have an equal intrinsic value as spirit souls – but just like in a car, every part of a car is not equal. They have different roles to play for the optimal function of the entire system, that ultimately is meant to make spiritual growth possible.


  • The different roles of male & female
  • An absolute perspective to end conflict
  • Team spirit is the greatest enemy of mankind
  • Going beyond ‘we’ and ‘them’
  • Blind faith versus blind scepticism
  • True knowledge & education is necessary
  • We need an absolute vision, not temporary vision
  • Being open minded, accepting what we can digest at this point in time

Recorded on April 26.