#9: The How and Why of Meditation

#9: The How and Why of Meditation
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#9: The How and Why of Meditation

Maybe you are already interested in making a spiritual journey, or maybe you are feeling stressed and would just like to improve your physical and mental situation? In whichever case, meditation is the method by which we can approach a more harmonious life. Less worry, more happy. But there are also huge misunderstandings regarding meditation, that we will investigate in today’s talk. You’ll learn all the ‘How’s and ‘Why’s of meditation, so that you can apply these techniques in your own life and reap all the material, psychological, and spiritual benefits.


  • (06:05) Mantras are not material sounds, they come from the spiritual world and therefore comes with spiritual power
  • (10:42) The goal is not just to be peaceful, but to be purified of contamination—uncovering our natural qualities.
  • (41:54) Meditation with Gauranga pranayama, the highest form of pranayama
  • (1:01:31) Is a conscious effort required on our part, or do we just relax?
  • (1:07:01) Japa yoga meditation class. This type of meditation uses beads to help engage our all our senses in the meditation, thus making it easier to focus on the mantras.
  • (1:24:16) Sankirtan, a group meditation where we sing the mantras together

Recorded on March 22, 2021. Read episode transcript on https://breakingtrail.life/podcast/9

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