#8: Life vs Matter

Breaking Trail
Breaking Trail
#8: Life vs Matter

Have you ever wondered what ‘life’ actually is? Still today, modern science has no clear idea of what ‘life’ means. Actually, life and matter are two completely different energies. Life is always alive, and matter is always dead. In today’s episode we look closer at the difference between matter and life, something that gives us the opportunity to truly understand questions such as “How can I truly feel alive?”. Understanding life itself also provides a solid foundation for coming to know who we are, and what our life is really for.

In our talk we speak about how a robot hitchhiked across Canada, the dangers of artificial intelligence, and how we can develop tolerance toward the imperfect situation we’re in in this world. Balakhilya explains how what we are actually looking for to feel life, is love (and we are constantly looking for more extreme ways to prove ourselves externally, to prove that we are worth something). We end the discussion by talking about how meditation can bring us back to life.


  • (6:41) What is life? Balakhilya recalls when he surfed, he said it was his life—but this doesn’t define what life is.
  • (13:00) The body is always dead. Material energy is temporary, spiritual energy is eternal.
  • (24:00) AI and eliminating the need for human beings
  • (32:00) Humans adapt to anything, ignore the pain of toothache but causes other problems. Isn’t it better to fix the problem?
  • (42:19) Our eternal nature is to be happy and that’s not going to stop
  • (51:00) Hamster on the wheel analogy, running and running and going nowhere: stuck on the wheel of birth and death
  • (1:08:00) If you take the journey, you get the reward. Let’s start the journey!

Recorded on March 15, 2021. Read episode transcript on https://breakingtrail.life/podcast/8

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