#7: Addictions, Drugs and Spirituality

#7: Addictions, Drugs & Spirituality?
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#7: Addictions, Drugs and Spirituality

In today’s world, so many things pass as ‘spiritual’. But what does real spirituality actually mean, and what is the result of engaging in psychedelics, kundalini yoga, or thinking ‘I am everything’? In today’s talk we start off by discussing something Balakhilya’s dad told him in regards to intoxication, namely ‘If you don’t start anything you don’t have to quit’. Actually, all bona-fide spiritual processes teach refraining from intoxication as a prerequisite for spiritual development.

We speak about what can be the result of using psychedelics, how kundalini yoga can help us experience our true spiritual nature, and how we inherently and eternally need a loving relationship. From there Balakhilya explains the 2 ways to acquire knowledge, how self-satisfaction is the solution to the environmental crisis, and the path to get the ultimate, natural ‘high’. You’ll also hear Balakhilya explain the meaning of the mantras we are using and why we use those.


  • (3:10) If you don’t start something, you never have to quit
  • (8:27) Taking drugs doesn’t open spiritual doors
  • (14:47) The difference between physical, mental and spiritual
  • (35:50) Descending process and Bhakti yoga, approaching big nature – respect the mountain and the mountain may allow you to summit
  • (44:00) Drugs to escape unhappiness: negation of the negative. Problem is a lack of real love.
  • (55:00) Start by learning from our faults and bad habits, can’t start perfect.
  • (1:12:00) ‘We worry about how we should leave a better planet for our kids, but we don’t worry about leaving better kids for the planet’
  • (1:21:51) About the famous surfer who had a massive wipeout, ending up with 11 hours a day rehab just to surf again

Recorded on March 8, 2021. Read episode transcript on https://breakingtrail.life/podcast/7

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