#6: Food, Lifestyle & Vitality

Breaking Trail
Breaking Trail
#6: Food, Lifestyle & Vitality

Health and vitality — who doesn’t want to have good health? We all do. So let’s talk about how to balance our bodies and minds simply through our food and lifestyle choices. It’s actually simple and easy to start a healthy lifestyle. The ancient Vedic wisdom gives us amazing insights into how the body actually works, and how we can live our lives to achieve real balance and vitality. It’s possible for us all. Balakhilya explains this and more in this podcast. Tune in to find out more about vegetarian food, the body as a machine, organic food, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing and more.

  • (4:18) Ayurveda — The number 1 health system
  • (8:42) Balakhilya’s healthy life story (being a vegetarian)
  • (20:21) Food and diet, stress, physical & mental health, exercise, walking and nature
  • (40:40) Nature’s timer — When to exercise, meditate, work and sleep? And what happens when we don’t follow this system?
  • (54:57) Balakhilya’s daily routines
  • (1:04:40) Good health — for what?
  • (1:07:18) «Simple living, high thinking». We can’t start with perfection

Recorded on March 1, 2021. Read episode transcript on https://breakingtrail.life/podcast/6

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