#56: What If You’re Caught in an Avalanche?

#56: What to do if you're caught in an avalanche?
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#56: What If You're Caught in an Avalanche?

You’ve just been caught by an avalanche, and you’re now rock stuck underneath a deep layer of hard-packed snow. You’re helpless. You’re stuck.

There is nothing you can do materially. And thinking positively will not change the reality of the situation you’re in. But you’re still you; the spirit soul inside the body. You are still feeling and longing.

So what CAN you do? You, the spirit soul, can find spiritual shelter and comfort through meditating on transcendental sound. This supreme protection doesn’t weigh anything in your backpacking, doesn’t cost anything, and never fails.

And it might just save your life.


  • (0:40) What are you going to turn to at the time of death? Transcendental sound gives real protection.
  • (12:34) Extreme skiers (and similar people) make huge efforts in preparations to minimise the risk of avalanches. But spiritual training is even more important, because at some point we will all have to face death.
  • (23:55) Like a fish on land who gets brought back to the ocean, meditation on yoga sound brings us back to our real home.
  • (32:41) Which yoga sounds, or mantras, should I meditate on? We refer to the topmost mantras with the spiritual potency to purify you and establish your long lost connection with the Supreme.

Recorded on February 22, 2023. Read episode transcript on https://breakingtrail.life/podcast/56

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