#55: Thankfulness Leads to Determination

Breaking Trail
Breaking Trail
#55: Thankfulness Leads to Determination

We have a choice to make in life. I can be immersed in meditation upon the things I don’t have – I can meditate upon how difficult my life is, how I don’t deserve the hardships that come my way – and fuel the fire of anger.

Or I can meditate upon the things I do have, and be thankful for that: we have a human body to use for spiritual realization, we have arms and legs with which we can serve others, and since you are reading this you have been given the opportunity to dive into the deepest wisdom and answers to life’s challenges.

Real thankfulness comes with appreciation, warmth, and care for others. And with determination to take advantage of that which you have received.


  • (1:50) If you want to be thankful, you’ve got to see the value in what you have received. Thankfulness comes with a lot of vision.
  • (6:38) A thankful attitude is a starting point. For example, we should be thankful for the food that allows us to keep our body strong and healthy to help and serve others.
  • (18:15) The first foundation of thankfulness is seeing our own faults, and experiencing that we’re not better than anyone else. The more unworthy I feel, the more thankful I feel for what I do receive.
  • (24:40) The second foundation of thankfulness is knowing that even though we’re unworthy, we are perfectly loved and are of limitless transcendental value.
  • (35:01) I should be thankful for all the temporary things in my life to the degree that they help me hold on to the things which are eternal, that I won’t leave behind when I die. Namely what’s in our heart.
  • (45:53) Thankfulness is is a spiritual quality. Balakhilya shares a story about how he went to a Porsche Corvette show in the 80s to sell dried fruit and nuts, and met a truly thankful person.

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