#45: Lust vs Real Love – Part 2

#45: Lust vs Real Love (Part 2)
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#45: Lust vs Real Love - Part 2

We are all hungry for real love, but nothing but the real thing will ever satisfy that hunger. In that way, lust is not bad, it’s just a manifestation of an inner spiritual hunger, a desire that comes out in a perverted or distorted way.

The good news is that all we need to do is to come out of the influence of the current of lust, and place ourselves under the influence of spiritual love. But that requires a decision from us to listen to and repeat the Absolute Truth – and thus remember who we really are. That is; an eternal spirit soul, starving for the nourishment of spiritual love.

This is part 2 of ‘Lust vs Real Love’; if you haven’t already, we recommend you to first listen to episode #44 to fully understand the difference between lust and love.


  • (2:45) Lust is a manifestation of inner spiritual hunger
  • (9:48) As lust is transformed into its natural condition of spiritual love, the person begins to taste not just the sweet flavour of love, but also its handmaidens such as kindness, patience, forgiveness, tolerance, humility, etc.
  • (17:53) Spiritual life means coming out of the influence of the current of lust, and coming under the influence of the current of spiritual love
  • (27:03) You can give a hungry man a cardboard pizza and it will fill his belly, but not satisfy his need for nourishment. Similarly, the spiritual hunger will be there until we address it.
  • (36:59) We need ask ourselves, “What am I exposing my eyes and ears to? What influences do I put myself under?” and consider how that will affect our consciousness. The ancient yoga wisdom gives us all the intel so that we know who and where the enemy is.

Recorded on April 2, 2022. Read episode transcript on https://breakingtrail.life/podcast/45

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