#41: What Does ‘Spiritual’ Mean?

#41 - What Does ‘Spiritual’ Mean?
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#41: What Does ‘Spiritual’ Mean?

We always promote people to engage in a spiritual lifestyle, but what does ‘spiritual’ really mean then? Is it (or does it have to be) cosmic, filled with experiences of higher vibrations, or based on some drug-induced alternate states of consciousness?

Spiritual life really means a gradual evolution of soul toward the Absolute Truth, culminating in the topmost satisfaction of a loving relationship between the Supreme Soul and us, the spirit soul. In other words, spiritual life means experiencing a change of heart. And nothing else will truly satisfy us.


  • (9:04) The advertised version of spiritual life says it’s cosmic, filled with higher vibrations, and for it to be real there has to be physical and emotional result. Real spiritual life is a natural ecstasy of love, not a drug-induced alternate state of consciousness.
  • (19:22) We don’t just jump into an affectionate relationship with the Supreme Soul; it’s a gradual evolution of the soul. Spiritual life is not self-entered, but focuses on nurturing and cultivating that relationship.
  • (30:00) Regardless of our initial motivation, the process of Bhakti Yoga purifies a person of the unwanted desires of the heart. All that’s required is enough faith to apply that process to ones life.
  • (38:23) Transcendental sound works on everyone, regardless of whether we experience an immediate effect or not. Real religion means the relationship of devotion between the individual person and the Supreme Soul; which is beyond sentimental experiences.
  • (53:12) Don’t start at the highest goal of spiritual perfection, but let your goal be the next small step towards that direction

Recorded on November 15, 2021. Read episode transcript on https://breakingtrail.life/podcast/41

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