#33: Is Hell for Real?

Breaking Trail
Breaking Trail
#33: Is Hell for Real?

“Follow us, surrender, or you will go to hell!” The concept of Hell is often used as a way to control and instil fear in people. For some people (like Ruben), this faulty presentation of hell may lead to a full rejection of anything that has to do with religion. After all, why would a loving father punish his obstinate children with a torment that has no end?

Tune in for a full picture of the concept of hell; an explanation that leaves no blind spots, and no room for speculation. Because like Ruben, you deserve to know the truth.


  • (4:35) The faults and misunderstandings in the popular view of heaven & hell (often based on instilling fear in people)
  • (12:30) The story of Ruben leaving his religious faith behind at a Christian surf camp in New Zealand in 2009, when the idea of eternal hell didn’t match his understanding of unconditional love
  • (22:14) The material world is arranged with planets with celestial pleasures (heavenly planets), intermediate planets with both pain and pleasure, as well as lower hellish planets where suffering and pain is predominant. The law of karma decides where you go after you leave your current body.
  • (33:43) Our idea of going to heaven (and avoiding hell) are often completely self-centered, based on material enjoyment. And that doesn’t satisfy the soul’s need for spiritual love.
  • (41:43) We should all ask ourselves: is the pleasure worth the pain? If we act without being guided by a superior authority, we will remain lost. We need a process to help us replace serving ourselves to serving others.
  • (52:54) Why lust is the gateway to hell, and how we can turn that force into its proper direction, namely love. Reestablishing our lost spiritual connection with the Supreme makes us experience heaven right here and now.

Recorded on January 22, 2022. Read episode transcript on https://breakingtrail.life/podcast/33

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