#31: How to Stop Faultfinding

Breaking Trail
Breaking Trail
#31: How to Stop Faultfinding

We all tend to find faults in others, instead of seeing (and working with) our own shortcomings. And the basic problem is us expecting perfection in the material world. We think that if other people and all material situations are as ideal as we want them to be, then we will be happy. Which couldn’t be further from the truth.

In this talk, Balakhilya and Ruben discuss how by following a spiritual path (and shifting our association) we gradually develop an aversion to faultfinding. Instead of looking at the faults of others we become aware of our own imperfections.

As you’ll hear, faultfinding goes completely against our spiritual wellbeing, since it feeds the false ego and false prestige. Passing judgement on others, we are really only passing judgement on ourselves.

We also look deeper at the topic of introspection; how being honest with ourselves is crucial in the process of spiritual development. Seeing our faults and admitting them, we’re able to pray for help to overcome our faults. And through meditation cleanse our hearts from the thorn of this faultfinding tendency.


  • (5:40) We are attracted to finding faults with others, as we try to elevate ourselves to a higher position than them
  • (16:01) Faultfinding is an avenue for self aggrandizement, and it feeds the false ego and false prestige; which are all enemies of the soul, of ourselves. And it makes for disharmony and discord in society
  • (23:52) Being in the age of Kali Yuga, we are influenced in a very destructive way. But if I don’t think I have any problem, I don’t think I need to be cured.
  • (34:11) The story of a king choosing which one of his two sons he should hand his kingdom to; the good man sees the good and all the bad man sees the bad
  • (41:41) Becoming a “mental hypochondriac” is not the solution either, just focusing on “I’m so bad”. It’s still self-centred.
  • (45:24) We cannot overcome our faults through willpower or a decision to be a better person. Our work is instead to make it so that I’m in contact with a cleansing agent; a purifying lifestyle.

Recorded on August 23, 2021. Read episode transcript on https://breakingtrail.life/podcast/31

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