#3: Can’t Get No Satisfaction?

Breaking Trail
Breaking Trail
#3: Can't Get No Satisfaction?

As The Rolling Stones sang; “I can’t get no satisfaction”. Is true satisfaction possible, or are we meant to just accept that we will never really get there? We also discuss how we’re all sacrificing something for something else (and we’ve got to learn what’s really worth sacrificing for), the importance of staying true to oneself, and how meditation transformed one of New Zealand’s top rock bands in the 80s.

  • (2:00) How the Covid-situation creates hindrances for achieving the «happiness» we are used to
  • (9:48) What can actually satisfy the soul? Discussion on cocaine, suicide, religion, non-existence, and losing my individuality
  • (16:36) Where is real satisfaction? The Rolling Stones song “Can’t get no satisfaction”.
  • (24:44) “I don’t want to hear that solution, I want a solution that I like”
  • (40:28) Everybody is sacrificing something every day
  • (45:10) Hitting the bottom can help us embark on a new journey
  • (1:03:42) Lust vs. real love—material world versus spiritual world
  • (1:10:28) Life is the sweetest of the sweet

Recorded on February 8, 2021. Read episode transcript on https://breakingtrail.life/podcast/3

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