#28: Finding Home

#28: Finding Home
Breaking Trail
#28: Finding Home

What if you knew you had a friend somewhere in this world who had a sanctuary, his very own place, a piece of land that he himself owned, and where none of the world’s turbulence and conflict could reach?

Where the people who lived there were just nice to each other, listened and respected each other. Where peace, tranquility and happiness prevailed. A place you knew you could go to if things got too crazy, a place you were welcome to, safe. Free. In this place, you did not have to worry anymore, did not have to plan, brace yourself or protect yourself from everything possible; personal attacks, physical attacks, natural disasters, or attacks by corrupt leaders.

What if you learned that these burdens of yours did not have to be on your shoulders anymore, day in and day out? That they’re not yours to solve. That the world around you is happening anyway, and that you cannot do anything about it anyway. That true shelter exists. It is not an illusion. It exists.

But the truth is that “There is no place on earth like home”. Home is not to be found ‘on earth’.

This talk sprang from Ruben’s intense feeling of longing for home when he especially sees snowy mountain peaks in the horizon, feeling that “The mountains are calling, I must go”. What is this calling, where does it come from, and does such a place exist where there is no worry, fear, or anxiety? Where is home?

In our first episode of 2022, we invite you to join the greatest and most important journey of all, the journey of finding home.


  • (2:37) The real meaning of ’The mountains are calling, I must go’. You can’t long for something that does not exist.
  • (7:05) The search for the perfect love is intrinsic to us. Story of the father of a friend of Balakhilya leaving his body, saying “The game is over, I’m going home now.”
  • (16:22) Why we might feel like “I’ve been here before”; the material world is just the temporary mirror reflection of the real thing, the spiritual world.
  • (25:05) We try to find our roots through journeys back in history, but to really understand our roots we need to go back to the truth that I’m a spirit soul
  • (37:55) We have a real home. The biblical story of the prodigal son; love is fathomless, it has no bottom
  • (50:10) Home is where the heart is—with the Supreme Being—because that’s where the heart really is. We’ve just forgotten that.

Recorded on August 30, 2021. Read episode transcript on https://breakingtrail.life/podcast/28

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