#20: How Alcohol Affects Us & Society

Breaking Trail
Breaking Trail
#20: How Alcohol Affects Us & Society

We all know that alcohol abuse causes tremendous negative impacts for individuals and society. The cost of excessive alcohol use in the US alone reaches around $249 billion every year. And the aggression and violence that comes from such an abuse has tremendous impacts through broken families, traumatised children, etc.

But a recent scientific study of 25 000 individuals point to the fact that there is no safe amount, that all alcohol consumption is harmful to the brain – something the Vedas have made clear since time immemorial. In this episode we take a closer look at the most wide-spread drug of all. We speak about the idea that ‘everything that exists in nature is meant for humans to consume’ – actually, the reality is that we need to be selective, because different substances that we take in to our bodies bring us into different states of consciousness.

You’ll also hear us talk about how people use intoxicants like alcohol as a way to escape pain and misery, and why this never will produce a good result. Another aspect we touch upon is that all activities we engage in have repercussions (karmic reactions), whether in this lifetime or in future lifetimes. And as society become increasingly based on sense pleasure, there are less and less restrictions to any type conduct, and moral codes are disappearing. You’ll hear us talk about how we no longer have a clear compass to follow, how people are supported to act based on their lust – but lust always leads to anger.

Another important aspect we discuss in recovering from alcohol abuse is that one cannot do it alone. Surrendering to a higher power plays a completely central part in the most successful recovery programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous.


  • (2:25) Is everything in nature natural/good for us? Peace vs. anxiety
  • (8:24) A scientific look at alcohol’s effect on the human brain
  • (24:46) We are so far away from what real fun is, that we have to turn to alternate states of consciousness
  • (27:40) Everyone wants liberation; the Vedas teach real liberation
  • (42:39) We want to be able to redirect the mind into a favourable direction, that’s why alcohol is not beneficial for us
  • (52:11) The link between mass shootings and our hedonistic society
  • (1:08:28) Choose a life that is beneficial for you physically, mentally and spiritually – and help others by inspiring them to do the same

Recorded on May 31, 2021. Read episode transcript on https://breakingtrail.life/podcast/20

Episode links:

  • ‘No safe amount’ – All alcohol consumption ‘harmful to the brain’: https://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/health-family/no-safe-amount-all-alcohol-consumption-harmful-to-the-brain-1.4569266

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