#12: The 3 Psychological Influences that Control Us – Part 1

Breaking Trail
Breaking Trail
#12: The 3 Psychological Influences that Control Us - Part 1

Have you ever heard about three modes of material nature? Probably not, because most of the western people do not even know about its existence and influence upon us. Sattva-guna – mode of goodness, Raja-guna – mode of passion and Tama-guna – mode of ignorance — these are three different forces of material nature, that are influencing us every day. The food that we eat, the way that we interact with others, our likes and dislikes, our tendencies and desires are all under influence of these three modes of nature. Sometimes we are under the influence of the mode of goodness, sometimes passion takes over and sometimes ignorance creeps into our life. But can have a control over the influence of these modes upon ourselves.

By learning about the characteristics of each mode of nature you will be able to find out which mode is currently covering you and work against its negative influence. The knowledge of yoga is not only giving us complete information on this subject of three gunas, but it is also giving us solution how to get out from their clutches.


  • (5:08) All livings entities have intelligence
  • (11:23) The 3 modes of material nature – goodness, passion, and ignorance. If we know how we are being influenced, we can do something about it.
  • (37:34) How do we use our intelligence? The purpose is to acquire knowledge.
  • (46:33) We don’t know what it’s gonna take for any individual, including ourselves, to change things in our life; story of Ruben’s friend
  • (56:38) 4 principles to bring us into the mode of goodness
  • (1:13:26) If you have real knowledge, you know the escape route

Recorded on April 5, 2021. Read episode transcript on https://breakingtrail.life/podcast/12

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