#1: Break Trail – Stay True to Your Self

Breaking Trail
Breaking Trail
#1: Break Trail - Stay True to Your Self

Do you also feel like you don’t really fit in, like there’s another calling? In this first episode of Breaking Trail, we dive into the question of how to be true to oneself. Knowing who I really am, and with proper guidance, I can stay true to myself and make a serious decision to change my life to achieve true happiness that lasts. Life is a big mystery when trying to follow the recipe to success and happiness laid out by society at large. Living in what’s been called ‘the Century of the Self’, everything is about I, me, and mine.

The problem is, we are basing our idea of who we are on untruth. So it’s an absolute necessity for us to dare to break ground, look into ourselves, and explore the truth of who we actually are. Like Balakhilya says in this episode; “When you know, actually know, that you’re doing the right thing with your life; that’s huge”.

  • (2:08) The real meaning of truthfulness
  • (6:30) What it means to ‘be yourself’—what is the ‘self’?
  • (28:01) The role of intuition when navigating life’s journey
  • (32:47) Saving the planet: a consuming consciousness is not the solution
  • (43:33) What is true success?
  • (49:47) The truth is often difficult
  • (58:28) The importance of good habits
  • (1:06:11) Balakhilya shares his background as a farm boy, surfer, and a pleasure seeker

Recorded on July 5, 2021. Full transcript & episode info on https://breakingtrail.life/podcast/1

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